French President Marcon Under Fire on Social Media After Saying that Africa has a ‘civilizational’ Problem

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French President Emmanuel Macron is facing a social media backlash for talking about Africa having a “civilizational” problem and women having “seven or eight children.”

A 28-second video of Macron speaking at a press conference during the just-ended G 20 summit in the German city of Hamburg, has attracted condemnation by people. The remarks were made by a reporter from the Ivory Coast asked the French president why there was no Marshall Plan for Africa.

 “The Marshall Plan was a reconstruction plan […] The challenge of Africa is totally different and a lot more profound, it’s civilizational today,” said Macron.
The clip has provoked an angry reaction on social media with people accusing Macron of racism and of perpetuating stereotypes about the continent.

Observers also criticised Mr Macron for referring only to “Africa”, rather than specific nations, ignoring huge differences across the world’s second largest continent. Writing for South Africa’s Daily Vox website, Mishka Wazar said: “Africa is not a country. You cannot, as a world leader (or even an ordinary person on the streets with no political ambitions) conflate African countries with ‘Africa’.”


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