The Gambia Civil Aviation Agency do not have a plan to supervise airplane….

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The Gambia Civil Aviation Agency do not have a plan to supervise airplane under the regulation of the Government of the Gambia.

Unbeknown from the Government, the Gambia GCAA registered one more Challenger 601 in the Gambia in November 2016. This Aircraft C5-NBB comes from the Switzerland company Sonnig ag. This company closed operation in 2014 because criminal manipulation of logbooks. This company build up another company in the US ” Cite” and they sell airplane to The Gambia.

All aircrafts from this company totally unsafe because they have no history about the flight hours and nobody knows how many hours this airplane had flown. This airplane has no maintenance history.

However that still isn’t any sort or reason for GCAA to revoke the permission to fly. This airplane crossing Europe without trained pilots and without maintenance logs.

A question of time and all Gambia Airplanes will be grounded.

The other Challenger state aircraft 601 C5-AFT for 2 years in maintenance in Germany. This is presidential airplane. The GCAA incapable to bring the airplane back to The Gambia. They not pay bills for computers, maintenance, insurance and pilots. They try to hire pilots but all pilots contained warnings to fly for GCAA.

The GCAA used around 2.000.000 USD for maintenance of the State Aircraft Challenger 601 from the taxpayer money of the Gambia. This aircraft never fly until march 2017 because of the mismanagement from GCAA!

GCAA is cheating with President’s Office about her past behaviour. GCAA missed the maintenance limits for around 2 years for this aircraft.

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