“Gambia Faces a Real Risk of Destabilization” – Senegal’s Foreign Affairs Minister

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Senegal’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mankeur Ndiaye said that Gambia’s government is not immunized against destabilization.

At the joint press conference which was held on Thursday in Dakar, the Minister said that ” France and Senegal have decided to work on the normalization of the Gambia after 22 years of tyranny under the reign of former president Yahya Jammeh”.

Minister Mankeur Ndiaye remains convinced that the Gambia has not yet experienced “an era of peace”. According to him, destabilization threats are always on the new Gambian Government especially with recent Foni affair between supposedly loyal to Yahya Jammeh’s  and  ECOWAS Soldiers. And to counter potentials threats, Mankeur added that Dakar and Paris will play their part to allow President Barrow to govern without a hitch.

“We will not accept the Gambia to be destabilized by whosoever. We will accompany the new regime and secure it” argued the head of Senegalese diplomacy. Jean-Yves Le Drian, its French counterpart added that his country “will support the Gambia by providing defense, in the shortest delays». President Adama Barrow is assured to govern quietly with the support of these two countries as a shield against any attack.

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