22 years after the previous protocol expired. Both parties welcome the start of a new cooperation period in the fisheries sector. This fisheries agreement allows EU vessels to fish in the Gambian waters and thus, extends the network of tuna fisheries agreements in West Africa.

The new protocol covers a period of 6 years and will offer EU vessels the possibility to fish 3300 tons of tuna and tuna-like species as well as 750 tons of hake per year in the Gambian waters.

In return, the EU will pay The Republic of The Gambia a financial contribution of 550 000 € per year.

The new protocol will enter into force when the necessary legislative procedures for its conclusion have been completed.

Meanwhile, since the inception of the administration of President Adama Barrow, this is the second fishing agreement to be signed with the country.

The first was with Senegal that gave their fishermen exclusive rights to Gambian waters. Critics say the administration is giving country’s resources for free to partners, causing huge depletion of its fish stock in the sea.

According to Green Peace International, EU and Chinese ships are notorious of illegally fishing in West African waters.