Gambia Native Killed in Deadly Shooting in the US

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Sheriff Jallow, a native of Bansang, CRR has been killed in a deadly shooting tuesday morning on Indianapolis in the United States.

The shooting happened at the Shell gas station where he was working at about 5 a.m. The murderer is yet to be identified. 

Sheriff Jallow, 50, relocated to Indianapolis around 2000. He often put in long hours to make money to support his family and relatives in the Gambia.

“He was a family man, loved his kids and loved his wife, a hardworking man and worked 13 hours a day,” said Fowler his best friend who went on calling for the shooter to surrender: “You know you did it and whatever it was about it was not worth taking a life,”

This incident was the third recent case of a business employee being killed while on the job in the US during last week.

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