Gambia Police Force Investigating OJ’s Fertiliser Scandal

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The Justice Ministry has tasked the Gambia Police Force to further investigate the fertilizer scandal involving former agriculture minister Omar Jallow, the Minister of Justice Baa Tambadou confirmed yesterday.

OJ, who served as minister of agriculture in the government of President Barrow, was alleged to have his fingers in the reported illegal sale of expired fertiliser to Gambian farmers.

“On the fertiliser scandal, there has been progress. We have reviewed the file and sent the case to the police with a request for them to investigate further with some guidance on areas they should investigate with some specific questions that they should address as part of their investigation,” he revealed.

Minister Tambadou said people should be cognisant of the fact that there are different requirements for investigations and different standards of proofs that are required to defend investigations.

“The [report of the investigation] that we received was insufficient for criminal purposes. So we have sent out the file with our views and our suggestions on how they can investigate this matter properly to enable us make a determination as to whether any criminal offences have been committed by who and whether we should proceed with the prosecution of the matter,” he added.
“When we hear back from the police, then we will be able to give better update on the issue,” he said.


via the Standard

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