Gambia River – Gouloumbou hippo makes its 31st victim

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Gouloumbou hippopotamus has just made a 31st victim. the animal has once again spread fear among people in Gouloumbou. Since 2007, the mammal which has been living in the Gambia River continues to be on headlines news.

His last victim is a fisherman Adama Diaw, 29, living in the village of Kouroubambin. The drama occurred Thursday around 6 am, while the young fisherman, was with his uncle, he was quietly pulling on his fishing net which he had thrown into the river. Not suspecting anything, he was surprised, from behind, by the hippopotamus who clung to him before completely shredding his stomach, before disappearing underwater, reports the daily L’Observateur.

The fisherman’s body has been found in a pitiful condition, before being evacuated, handed over to his family and buried. The fishermen’s collective sounds the alarm and fears a paralysis of their activity if the animal is not executed. 

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