Gambia- Senegal united for a joint business forum

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Senegalo-Gambian Permanent Secretariat (PSSG) is to hold the first Private and Public Sector Forum between The Gambia and Senegal from 24 to 25 May 2017 in Dakar, Senegal.

In the build up to the day, the secretariat on Wednesday organised a preparatory meeting at Ocean Bay Hotel at Cape Point in Bakau and it was attended by a cross section of stakeholders in The Gambia.

The participation fee for the forum, to be held at King Fahad Palace Hotel in Dakar, forum is $500.

Speaking on the meeting, Ambassador Paul Badji, executive secretary of Senegalo-Gambian Permanent Secretariat (PSSG), said the forum aims at business networking for both the public and private sectors within Senegambia.

He said the idea of organising the forum was jointly developed by the Senegalo-Gambian Permanent Secretariat and the Senegalo-Gambian Association for Integration and Socio-economic Development, a Senegambia civil society organisation which comprises the Gambian chapter and the Senegalese chapter.

Ambassador Badji said the secretariat agreement was signed by The Gambia and Senegal in February 2006 and an additional protocol was signed in 2010.  He said their mandate is to facilitate the harmonisation of policies of the states and where possible integrate.

He said since 1967 when President Senghore of Senegal first visited The Gambia they talked about integration but it was not possible then they moved to confederation and still now they are talking about integration.

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