Gambia Wants to Attract Swiss Technology

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The Government of President Adama Barrow wants to attract Swiss technology to develop Gambia’s economy. He remains cautious but judge possible growth of 7% this year, explained to ATS his Minister of trade.

According to its projections, Gambia needs more than $ 90 billion to restart its economy after ’22 years of dictatorship’, has said Isatou Touray in an interview on the sidelines of the session ‘aid for trade’ to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva.
The Gambia now has to find “ways to improve its economy because that the coffers are empty”. Dr Touray multiplied meetings in Geneva at the WTO on Tuesday and Wednesday with the UN, other international actors, donors and the private sector to receive political and financial support.

She wants a “constructive discussion” with  Switzerland to see how Berne might help the Gambian economy. And especially to be able to import ‘technology’ and be inspired by good governance and Swiss financial speciality.

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