Gambian National Arrested in Teen’s Rape and Murder Case in Italy

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Four men have been arrested in relation to the murder of Desirée Mariottini, a 16-year-old Italian girl found dead in Rome last week Italian media report.

Police believe as many as six people may have been involved in her death, including two Italians. They first arrested Two Senegalese and a Nigerian. The two Senegalese men, Mamadou Gara, 26 and Brian Minteh, 43, were arrested on Wednesday. and Friday a 40-year old Gambian national unnamed was arrested as well. They all face charges of sexual group violence, selling drugs and voluntary manslaughter. 

Mariottini was found dead in a derelict building used as a squat in San Lorenzo. The central Rome district is known for its student nightlife, but also for drug dealing.

Investigators believe Desiree was drugged and then gang raped while unconscious before she died. 

According to a Senegalese boy, who was a witness: “They drugged and raped her… A girl was screaming… I looked at the woman screaming and there was another girl in bed: they had put a blanket up to her head, but her head could be seen. I do not know if she was breathing but she seemed dead already, because the other girl was screaming and saying she was dead.”

The savage killing sends the whole country reeling. This case fuels again the debate in Italy about illegal immigration. 

The Mayor of Rome has announced a day of mourning for the city to coincide with Mariottini’s funeral. 

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