“If the Gambian People Say ‘Go’ After Three Years, I Will Go.” President Barrow

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 The decision for President Barrow to resign and hand over power in three years on 2020 will be left to the popular will of the Gambian people, he declared during his address to Parliament on the State of the Nation on Monday.

“It is the Gambian people who will decide. I am not saying I am going to violate the agreement but if the Gambian people say ‘go’ after three years, I will go.”

The agreement that took Barrow to lead the opposition coalition to victory stipulated that the new leader should resign from the presidency in 2020 and new elections to be held. This agreement bars him from running for office for at least one term after serving his three years as president or at the end of his five-year term as constitutionally mandated.

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