Gambian Simon Bojang Honoured by Finland’s President

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Simon Bojang a Gambian-Finnish has been honoured by Finland`s President Sauli Niinisto for 20 years of service as the first Lappeenranta City Council member of African origin according to report published by sbngambia.

A native of Brikama, West Coast Region of The Gambia, Bojang is one of the pioneers of MOJA, a revolutionary inspired activist group in the 1970s to 80s that challenges Sir Dawda Jawara`s ruling People`s Progressive Party through militant approaches.

Bojang joined the Finnish Social Democratic Party in 1990 as a party member. And, he was elected as a city council member in 1995. He said:

“I am proud of being the first Gambian to be honoured of being a city council member for over 20 years.”

“I am a very active member of the party for all this time and hold so many positions inside the party.”

Bojang is the first known longest serving Gambian elected into a European city council. He added: “I am very proud of being honoured by the Finnish President and my city council.”

He expressed thanks to The Gambia`s socialists PDOIS party, for inspiring him from his school days.

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