Gambia’s Next Super Model : AMT

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Aji Marie Trawalleh is a young Model who plays her trade with Emids Promotions and Modeling Agency. Aji who was inspired by her mother who did modeling as a part time job in neighboring Senegal, started modeling at the age of 18. Before taking a sabbatical to concentrate on high school exams.

After high school she went on to study cabin crew with the institute of ITOG. The 1.75ft run way beauty made her return to the modeling scene during a miss nawwtettan model week organized by Emids Promotions.

Despite losing on the winners award Emids were impressed by her display and professionalism, she snubbed many modeling agencies and later signed on with Emids for and undisclosed fee Emids who called the capture of AMT as a big achieve. Emids were known to have been scouting her since high school.

AJie who goes by the stage name AMT an abbreviation of her full name Aji MARIE TRAWALLEH became a household name at the agency and was soon made captain of the modeling team.Despite the erroneous belief that many people hold about the Modeling and models in general she thinks this is simply lack of sensitization on what models are all about , with even her inspired mom still against her will of being a super model AMT says she finds the criticism as something that spurs her to keep fighting hard to reach her goals and she would keep going even if her bones and spirits should be crunched under jacked boots.

The elegantly long-legged model who hopes to emulate her role model Paris Hilton amids it’s a thought profession and she hopes to shake off and withstand any storm that comes her way towards her achieving her main goal of representing The Gambia on the international run way competitions well as to overshadow her international compatriot Yama Faye FAYER who is considered the most successful Gambian model

With no Modeling school registered on the smiling coast of West Africa. The slim single is hoping to make the cut this year to Gambia’s biggest modeling event ‘Fashion Weekend Gambia’

During her interview with SunuGambia  Aji says she wasn’t driven by money or but the passion she has for it. She, therefore, calls in all designers and Agencies who are key to modeling development in the country to take up the necessary risk to see modeling be a success in the small tiny west African country

For many, it’s just unfathomable that modeling is a respectable profession but in the end, it’s a career that holds great value to the social development of any developing country.

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