“Gay is not an issue in Gambia” – Barrow

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During his meeting with EU Commissioner Neven Memica in February, President Adama Barrow has defensively said “gay is not an issue in Gambia” when asked what his government intends to do with their rights.

Gambia is a majority Muslim country with a good Christian population where homosexuality is considered an “ungodly act,” thus all political leaders, even those with liberal views tries avoiding it.

Darboe, like all others, won’t recognize it as a problem let alone to give it attention.

The “aggravated homosexuality” carries punishments of up to life in prison and among those who could be charged with it are “serial offenders” and people living with HIV who are deemed to be gay or lesbian.

Exactly what constitutes “homosexuality” or a “homosexual act” is not defined in Gambian law.

Rights activists say that makes Gambia’s criminalization of homosexual activity even more likely to be used broadly and arbitrarily.

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