Gee Embarks on Nationwide Tour

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Gambian rapper Gee has embarked on a nationwide tour of the Gambia.

The tour will take place from 19 to 25 October and will support the release of his new EP GEEbril, which was released on 13 October. Coming along with Gee on the nationwide tour are Big Faa and Royal Messenjah. More dates are being confirmed by the artist, his Tour is expected to continue till January

Gee’s new EP, which has been referred to by local media as “a personal yet relatable compilation of love songs” takes its title from the rapper’s stage name Gee and his real name Gibril. The album finds him singing much more than he has done in the past. 

“My new EP is focused on love-life lessons packaged in up-tempo songs with flows that highlight elevation from my previous work,” he said in an interview with local media. “This [is] accompanied by both traditional and internationally inspired beats.”

Often called “one of the most internationally sounding Gambian artists”, Gee records in his native Wolof and in English. GEEbril has songs in both languages.

The album has already found some success, having topped the iTunes chart in his country shortly after release and stayed in that position at the end of its opening weekend. Under the new record were a number of prominent albums by globally famous stars including Scorpion from Drake and East Atlanta Love Letter from 6lack. GEEbril has been called the most streamed EP by a Gambian rapper in a week.

The inclusion of several love songs on the new project shows a different side to the controversial rapper, who has tackled his music colleagues as well as made unflattering comments about the government of his country.

In a comment about his sonic influences on the album, Gee said his “experiences and relationships played a huge part in [the new work] and I listen to everything that comes out both locally and internationally. It gives me a picture of what sounds are trending and what appeals to audiences both at home in the Gambia and abroad.”

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