General Kinteh appointed Army Chief

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Lieutenant General Masanneh Kineth who once served as the Chief of Defense Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces is back again as head of the Gambian military. He replaces Lieutenant General Ousman Bargie who was discharged from his duty as the Army Chief and will be redeployed to Foreign Service.

Speaking to reporters at Defence Headquarters in Banjul shortly after the handing-over ceremony, CDS Kinteh thanked Allah the Almighty and President Adama Barrow for choosing him to return to the country, after being away for nearly four years, to lead the Gambia Armed Forces. He added that he was honored by the opportunity.

His immediate priority as CDS is to restore confidence in the troops to lift their morale, as well as bring back the civil-military relations, which has eroded over the period as a result of the political impasse.

“I want to make sure we get over that hurdle and make sure soldiers come out of their self and see themselves as citizens of this country who are to be respected, admired and be role models.”

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