Government to Freeze all Yaya Jammeh’s Known Assets in Gambia

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The present government are poised and kitted to thwart the former president Yaya Jammeh. After the arrest of his brothers and charged with stealing, the government wants to get a hand on all Jammeh’s wealth.

That’s why the attorney general reveals that “We have today obtained a court order freezing all the known assets on the country of former president Yahya Jammeh and associates “- At this moments a very high quantity of wealth have been assessed. It  Includes 131 landed properties, 86 bank accounts and 14 companies belonging to the former president and associates, revealed the attorney general during a press conference held at The Ministry’s Conference Room.

Moreover, the A.G underlines that Gambia will cooperate with foreign countries. ” We have engaged certain countries and International organisations to assist with investigations into foreign assets of former President “

AG, further, informed journalists: “We are hoping to have Commission of Inquiry into activities of former president by June this year”

A request has been made for anyone with info on assets of the former president to report such to the nearest police station.

As regarded the alleged NIA soldiers, he argues; On the NIA 9 case, due to capacity constraints, Ministry on verge of appointing Senior Lawyer Antoum Gaye as Prosecutor on this matter”

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