Government To Set Up a Commission to Investigate Shooting Of Foni Protesters

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The Government of the Gambia will set up a commission to investigate last Friday’s clash in Kanilai between residents of Foni and officers of the Senegal led military intervention force in the Gambia (Ecomig) as revealed to JollofNews by Demba Jawo,  Information, Communication, and Technology minister.

According to Mr. Jawo, the commission will look at a number of issues including the circumstances of the death of Haruna Jatta as well as the circumstances that led to the demonstration.

Jatta, 54, was killed and six others were injured when soldiers barricaded the road and fired what is believed to be live ammunition at the protesters who were demanding an end to the militarization of their community. Mr Jawo said the government is determined to get to the root of the matter in order to help prevent a similar situation from happening in future.

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