Gov’t Not Yet Ready to Try Detained Jungulars

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Abubacarr M. Tambadou, the attorney general and minister of Justice has hinted he was not sure that the country is ready to try the detained ‘jungulars’. Minister Tambadou was speaking yesterday at a press conference organised by Ministry of Justice at the AG’s Chambers in Banjul. 

Such kinds of cases are not very straightforward, they are very complex and very demanding and they require lots of things. I don’t think this country is yet ready to hold trials like this. I don’t think we are yet ready to do so for many reasons.”

He said the alleged jungulars are people who have accepted to committing heinous crimes.

“In the case of the jungulars, we will admit, there is nothing to hide. We will admit that they are in detention for far longer than they supposed to be. However, the circumstances that we are faced with; which is justifying our action because we don’t have much options here. Notwithstanding, they have not been tortured and we know where they are and we are willing to allow the international community and organisation like International Red Cross to visit them on medical visit.”

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