Gov’t Reduces Transport Prices in Gambia

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Gambia’s minister of Transport Bai Lamin Jobe said on friday that government has reduced transport prices in the territory. The minister made these remarks during a press conference with the transport unions and associations held at the Ministry.

Transport prices in the territory land and sea routes are going to face a 15% price reduction for passenger transport fares, plus 12% in for national and 10 % in for regional cargo and goods charges respectively, effective Monday, 21th August 2017.

The decision to reduce transport tariffs on land and sea routes was reached after a thorough consultation with all the relevant government stakeholders, transport unions and associations in The Gambia, the Minister disclosed.

“I must say that the previous government has not put in any plan or initiative to reduce transport tariffs to reflect on the reduction in fuel pump price, despite the drop in price for fuel from D56.7 Butut to D42 per liter since 2013”, Minister Jobe said.

In view of this development, he added, a reduction in the fuel pump price should trickle down to the wider community level and it is for this reason this new government deems it important to call for the revise of the transport fares in both lands and sea routes charges in The Gambia.

To this end, Minister Jobe urged members of the transport union and associations; including drivers and transporters to abide by the new tariffs, saying the reduction of these prices is what Gambians have been anticipating for and; therefore must be adhered to in the interest of national development.


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