GTSC to Extend Services to Guinea Bissau

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The Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) will on Sunday launch another international route. This time, the express service would be from The Gambia to Guinea-Bissau.

In an interview Mr. Fabuka Njaay, head of Marketing at GTSC, said with this unique express service, passengers can now leave The Gambia and travel on a direct trip to Guinea-Bissau in comfort and speed, thus saving customers several hours off their journey time relative to other services.
He said, currently, passengers normally have to utilize three different connecting transports to get to Guinea Bissau, which is, travelling from the Kombos to Silite and catching another vehicle to Ziguinchor and subsequently embarking on a final one from Ziguinchor to Bissau, “However, with the introduction of this new service, customers are assured of a direct trip to Guinea-Bissau” he said in  Daily Observer column

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