Guinea Bissau leader calls crisis meeting to resolve political stalemate

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The President of Guinea-Bissau, José Mario Vaz has called a new meeting of the State Council slated for 15 March to consider proposals by National Assembly Speaker, Cipriano Cassamá, aimed at resolving the country’s political crisis.

Mr. Cassama had proposed the appointment of Augusto Olivais as new head of government and 17 ministries for the ruling African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC), 12 cabinet post for the Social Renewal Party (PRS), and one for the Party of New Democracy (PND), (Democratic Convergence Party (DCP) and Union for Change (UM)) respectively.

The details of the proposals to resolve the stalemate are not included in the convocation of the Council of State, a consultative body, whose conclusions are non-binding.

The government, leaders of political parties and leading lights of the National Assembly will participate in the meeting.

Although the Council of State met earlier this year, the political situation has hardly improved.

APA-Bissau (G/Bissau)

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