Halifa Sallah: “Coalition Was Not A Matter Of Choice But A Necessity”

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Halifa Sallah, The Coalition Spokesperson has said that the coalition will contest in the upcoming National Assembly Elections as two of parties UDP and NRP have reserved their positions.

Speaking to journalists at Kairaba Beach Hotel, Sallah said the position of the coalition is to participate in the parliamentary elections on the basis of independent coalition candidates.

” The coalition was not a matter of choice but a matter of necessity,” Halifa Sallah said.

Sallah said after lengthy talks the coalition was confronted with the question of whether to have coalition independent or party-sponsored candidates, adding that the coalition has agreed to contest with independent candidates while two parties namely UDP and NRP are on reserving positions. He was quick to add that consultations are going on with the hope of reaching a consensus. Sallah said the circumstances that created the coalition in the presidential election is the same situation for the National Assembly.

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