Halifa Sallah against the new law limiting the presidency age

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The leader of the party PDOIS, Khalifa Sallah declares that: the passing of the Bill on setting aside the 65 year age limit is unconstitutional says Halifa Sallah. In Foroyaa today’s edition.
According to Forayaa news which refers to the constitution.

Is it constitution to amend the constitution without complying with section 226 of the constitution, asked Khalifa Sallah. His argument is confirmed by this statement of the constitution asserting: Any amendment of the Constitution that does not comply with section 226 would be unconstitutional. Hence the president should not assent to any Bill aiming to amend the Constitution without complying with section 226 of the Constitution.

Foroyaa is investigating the legal basis for presenting a Bill to amend the Constitution along with the Bill to amend the Elections Act which was unanimously agreed by all the parties at a meeting of the Inter-party Committee.

The government should be extra careful in how it handles constitutional matters. Section 101 of the Constitution has its own objects which are different from the objects of section 226 of the Constitution. Constitutions are the fundamental pillars of the legal foundation of the Republic. They cannot and must not be revocable through a certificate of urgency.

Watch the Live Press Conference on the Coalition latest stand on the upcoming National Assembly Election.

The coalition spokesman Halifa Sallah is seated to inform the public on the final outcome of the two weeks talks amongst coalition leaders on whether the unity government will remain as one or not in contesting the April National Assembly Election.


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