Halifa threatens to file petition against IEC

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Halifa Sallah, General Secretary of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), has threatened to file a petition against the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Mr. Sallah, who is the PDOIS candidate for parliament in Serrekunda constituency in the April 6 National Assembly election, disclosed his intention to file the petition at a press conference held yesterday at the PDOIS office in Churchill’s Town, Serrekunda.

Sallah said people are aware that there is no television or radio coverage of the whole process of the elections as far as the State media GRTS is concerned when section 41 of the Gambia Constitution guarantees equal access to facilities and the media by candidates under the public elections Act.

He further stated that the Act of the National Assembly can also be enacted to provide public access to facilities or the media.

“Section 93 of the Election Act makes it mandatory for the Independent Electoral Commission during an election campaign period to ensure equal access, as far as time is concerned, to each candidate and political parties on the radio and television, which is mandatory for them but none of this is happening,” he said.

Sallah threatened to write to the IEC if they didn’t take any urgent step to address the issue, as it is a violation of their rights as candidates to be heard over radio or television, for the public to hear and see them all clearly.

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