What Happened in Kanilia Will Not be Tolerated Again – President Barrow

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“What happened in Kanilia will not be tolerated again from any other community or group of people from any part of the country.” President Adama Barrow said, reacting to Friday’s shooting of protesters in Kanilai by officers of the Senegal led military intervention force in the Gambia.

In his first public comment over 24 hours after the incident, President Adama Barrow appeared to condone the actions of the security officers, and warned that he will not accept ‘violence, lack of respect for authority and the rule of law’.

“I will promote democracy, freedom and rule of law and encourage reconciliation. I will not accept violence, lack of respect for authority and the rule of law,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He added: “Let us focus on our reform agenda and build a foundation where democracy and development will thrive and citizens live in dignity and respect for rule of law.”

In response to the incident, security forces have rounded up a number of residents in Bwiam and Kanilai for their role in the protest. A number of people including former President Jammeh’s brother, Sainey Jammeh, are reported to have fled the country into neighbouring Senegal.

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