Haruna Jatta, First Gambian to be Killed by Security Forces Since Jammeh Left

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Mr Haruna Jatta is the first Gambian to be killed by security officers since President Adama Barrow assumed power in January.

The Late Jatta, 54, in charge of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s cows in Kanilai, was among Foni residents who gathered to protest against the heavy military presence in their community.

The protesters were confronted by Senegalese soldiers guarding the former president’s residence, who open fired on them and wounding six people.

Two bullets hit Jatta on the abdomen causing serious internal bleeding. He was taken by family members to the Bwiam Hospital but later transferred to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Banjul. He later went into hypovolemic shock and took his last breath at 09:15.

“This is an outrage. We lost a very precious life. Barrow and his government are responsible and will be solely responsible for whatever happens,” said Sulayman Nyassi, an opposition activist.

Haruna is the first Gambian killed by Security forces since Yaya Jammeh left power, a scene  we don’t want to see anymore in the New Gambia.


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