Higher Trod: Reflections on the Night as Rebel Territory

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have you heard of the night as a brother. as a shroud for the many lost ones of time? i bet you have not. lemme indulge you. lemme tell you my story:

growing up i have seen sisters and brothers struggle to make the dream come alive. it was in the music, in the righteous hustle, in the deep ass convos in the a.m and the high in the early mornings. it was always there, in between the silence, right in the head hunched down in silence when the beat drops.. it has always been there and i noticed it early on.

for the past decade i have been a child of the night. moving in the night like it’s brother and dear cousin. i have seen many things that the tongue cannot utter and the fingers can’t type. i have seen how dreams have been shattered in the eyes of the sex worker, the once dedicated artist, the intellectual and the drop out academic who gave up. but the night is also rebel territory. it’s the space of the rebel as we know it. where the truth and light is enacted. where the guidance happens.

a trod in the night amongst the elements that enforce it has made me realize one thing: that righteousness lives forever. that the most high lives on in the heart of the ghetto youth, that long after the preacher has forgotten his sermons and has sold his being to the powers that be, the children of the night will still be here glorifying, honoring and revering the names of the god of creation.

this is not to be the religion of orthodoxy but the path of the one who drinks wasted, smokes high but still have space in his deeper yearning for god. it’s the high as theology and the defeated dreams as oft repentance. this path is not for the faint hearted; for it’s still rebel territory —the eternal center that is to have and to hold.

the night has been saving fierceness— a saving barque upon which seekers and children of the night voyage upon. it’s also the daylight of the sufi. who embarks within the light in recognition and gnosis of his lord. at once cut off from the rigid orthodoxy he’s an exile who longs for things grander and greater with this great cosmic interplay of divine signs and attributes.

breaking bread with weed headed philosophers, wayward sufis, dissident intellectuals has been the lifeline that has kept me afloat. kept me sane and wanting more. to be firmly rooted even as i uproot constantly never for long trusting the abiding nature of comfort in one tradition. to rebel against received ideas and imposed authority has been the quest and the night is the one companion whence all the rebels gather with.

blessed be the night that rebels. the one that is higher trodding.

alieu bah, commonly called immortal x is a writer, blogger, speaker and activist. once the editorial writer and weekly columnist for the standard newspaper, he’s a well recognized presence amongst young and older people alike as a maverick intellectual.

he’s given lectures and talks at the university of the gambia and various other institutions in the country.

blog: www.itsimmortalx.tumblr.com

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