Illegal Arrest – Is Barrow Copying From Jammeh’s Holy Book?

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It wasn’t expected and yet it happened -the arrest and detention of Ismaila Ceesay, a political science lecturer.

Ceesay, a political analyst, was nabbed in by police reportedly over recent comments he made on local Gambian tabloid the Voice Newspaper.
Police department didn’t offer to explain reason for his apprehension however Ceesay’s arrest is linked to remarks he made regarding the preferential treatment of ECOMIG soldiers and the current president’s failure to visit barracks in the country prior to assuming office.
The lecturer was released unconditionally today amid agitation from students of the University and activists at the police headquarters.
Of surprise to many is how this syndrome, akin with Jammeh’s style of leadership, is allowed prevail in a New Gambia embracing of democracy and free speech.
This, seen as an ill-advised move by the government, has had many wondering whether president Barrow’s government isn’t copying pages from predecessor Jammeh’s holy book.
Jammeh -the country’s exiled former commander-in-chief – used intimidation tactics to silence supposed political foes and anyone he deemed a nuisance. Rights abuses were rife , including broad day light disappearances of citizens and journalists exiled, tortured or killed.
A commission to probe those violations will soon be set up.
While majority are of the strong hope that no repeat of that era will occur in our current times, the latest arrest, detention and subsequent release of Ismaila have had many fearing a slip back to those moments.

Via- Gambia News

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