Internal Squabble Between Barrow and Darboe over Mai Fatty’s Replacement

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There is a deadlock over the vacant portfolio of Interior Minister, as both Ousainou Darboe and Adama Barrow want to install their own favorite picks for the position, amid an internal squabble between the duo according to Freedom Newspaper

According to the website’s sources Mr. Barrow’s camp wants the president to hire someone loyal to him and the country, while the UDP leader is also busy trying to convince Barrow to hire a certain Gambian believed to be in Mr. Darboe’s good books for the position of  Interior Minister.

Both Mr. Darboe and Barrow are aware of the influence such a Ministry has over issues relating to internal security and policing. State House sources quoted by Freedom said Mr. Barrow is not heeding to Darboe’s request. There is a potential fallout between the two over the vacant Interior Minister portfolio.

 “Mr. Darboe has suggested someone’s name to be hired as Interior Minister, but president Barrow’s camp wants the president to hire his own Interior Minister. There is a confusion here in Banjul. For some reasons Mr. Darboe wants to install his own loyalist at the Interior Ministry,” said their source. 

Meanwhile, President Barrow has traveled to Dubai, without his Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe. 

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