International Judo tournament of St Louis: Silver and Bronze medals for Gambia Judokas

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Judokas Assan Malick and Hassan Paziaud have returned home with Silver and Bronze medals respectively after participating in an international Judo tournament in St Louis, Senegal.

In a similar, but separate Judo competition held in Dakar, Judokas Assan Malick, Samba Paziaud, Hassan Paziaud, Nurdin Correa and Steven Ehi, all won two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal.
Paziaud Luc, technical director of the Judo Association stated: “We went with five fighters to St Louis for the international Judo tournament there. Many nationalities were there (Senegal, Mali, Gabon, Mauritania, France), but 3 of our fighters couldn’t fight because there were not enough people in their categories. Only two of our fighters were able to compete. The youngest (13, and 40 kg) had to fight with people weighing 50 kg and 17 years old. Each of ours judoka managed to be victorious in the different pool of elimination and so reached the semi-final. But the drawing made that; our 2 competitors had to fight each other, so one lost in semifinals against the other, and the second lost in finale.”
According to him, the competition in Dakar also availed them the opportunity to network with other countries and organizations to help the development of Judo in the country.
“We also hope that these results will help the GNOC to take the decision to recognize us fast so that we can compete at the African championship.”

Watch Hassan Paziaud best actions during the tournament



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