Interview with Steve Trawally: I Scored More Goals Than Lavezzi, Teixera and Gervinho…

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The chinese super league is still growing and there is a wider reach and exposure that Chinese ministry of sports and football federation can achieve even if it will take them a decade. The only Gambian to play for the Super league, when the league is its best, takes me through his season’s targets, among other issues in this exclusive interview.

Buba – Yanbian and your fans had to wait till match day six to see your first goal of the season. What does the goal mean to you and everyone associated with you?

Steve –The goal was important to me on personal level likewise the team because we are not scoring at the moment. Another factor which is hampering our scoring department is the new rule regarding that teams must field in a U23 player and that of having only three foreign based players …The penalty was a huge pressure because am responsible for it, then scoring it was a relief for me and the team.

Buba – looking at your results, it’s a small margin of the games you lost or even drew , apart from the rules of U23 and all that what is the coaches approach?

Steve – it’s the beginning and we are finding it hard to stamp our feet on the ground. Again I must emphasise the lack of goals . We believe once we start scoring things will look different hence you realise that we are not playing badly .

Buba – This season saw a new look at the chinese super league compared to last season . Lots of players have moved to China likewise managers .Are you feeling the heat , comparison and urgency of performing ?

Steve –It’s true most of these players’ footballing carriers started when I was in Gambia. In fact I  had a dream to play for the clubs and level they were by then.

Am not intimidated, sometimes I just wish I played where they did; we are all in the same level. When they meet me in the lineup they greet me and call my name,they do watch my viedo and know what am capable off.

For instance last season I performed more than most of them and my records stood to be challenged. Lavezzi, Teixeira and Gervinho i had more goals than them last season .

I know am born to play football , confidence is not something I lack.

Buba – What message do you have for your fans ?

Steve –  The fans know am a hardworking dude & and very football passionate.
Am working to be better , people think am talented but I have also put a lot of hardwork behind the scenes. Let them keep on supporting me and pray for me then I will surely deliver.

By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh

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