Jali Madi Kanuteh Quits Joluv Arts Entertainment

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Madi Kanuteh, known to many by his music moniker, Jali Madi has declared yesterday throught a press release published on his facebook page that he parted ways with Joluv Arts Entertainment.

Jali Madi the afromanding’s most-talked about artist right now quits Joluv Arts Entertainment. The young and talented artist stated in the press release read by SunuGambia.com : “I wish to take this opportunity to inform the general public and my entire fans in The Gambia and the world that I, Jali Madi Kanuteh, i am no longer working with Joluv Arts Entertainment. I want to thank the CEO Saul Sowe and the entire management for their tireless efforts rendered towards the development of my musical career in the past years.”

It was in 2014 when Joluv Arts Entertainment successfully launched his 9-track debut international album called ‘Gambia’, which also coincided with the country’s golden jubilee celebrations. Some of the hit songs in this album include, ‘Gambia’, ‘Jarabi’ and ‘Alalakay’. 

The label later on added firewood to his burning musical talent, Jali Madi performed in concerts with renowned Senegambian Mbalax and Manding music stars, such as Jaliba Kuyateh, Vivian and Thione Seck. Jali Madi recently dropped a new album “Dawda Jawara” a tribute to former President Kairaba

Jali Madi is the second artist leaving Joluv Arts Entertainment after Bai Babu and has also announced the creation of his own recording studio named Sangaranga Recordz.


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