Jaliba Kuyateh : “Let Us Not Sow the Seed of Tribalism in Gambia”

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The King of Kora has urged Gambians to kick out tribalism in the Smiling Coast of Africa – The Gambia.
According to him, Gambians should be thinking of how to make The Gambia more than what it is and move it forward to be the envy of other countries in the world, than to sow the seed of tribalism.

Jaliba Kuyateh made these remarks over the weekend, at his Brikama residence, during an interview with Daily Observer’s Omar Wally, who quizzed him to shed light on his new song called ‘New Gambia’. He said The Gambia is blessed and Gambians are now freed, adding that it’s now time for a nation building and that Gambians should all say no to tribalism.
“My mother is a Wollof; two of my wives are Jolas; I grow up with Fulas in my birthplace of Dankunku; my sister is married to a Sarahulie and my friends, whom, I move with are Serere and Manjakos. So whoever wants to bring tribalism where will you put Jaliba Kuyateh? Because I belong to all tribes in the Gambia,” he said.
On the new single, Jaliba said that the song was about the general change that took place in The Gambia from government, attitudes and everything. “The song is the hit of the moment, everybody likes the song,” he opined. He said the reason for the release was due to outcry from his fans for him to go back to some of his old songs and replay them as they were educative. He added that there are some young stars that were not fortunate to listen to some of those songs neither to understand what he was talking about.
“They advocated that I should go back for such songs because they were educative so that the young generation could benefit from the messages in those songs and that’s what I have done in the New Gambia song.” Jaliba explained that: “I came up with the song although quite lot of the lyrics I had on that song are all changed to suit the present situation and the idea is still there. When Kukio Samba Sanyang tries to take over the government in 1981, it all failed and it was a bloody week, so I came up with the song when Jawara returned to The Gambia.
After all that I said thank God we have peace and democracy was restored and I pray that Gambians should not encounter similar situation and that song I extracted some lyrics and put them in the new song.”

Jaliba Kuyateh – Tribalism 2017 par sunugambia

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