“Jammeh had a Free Hand Attitude in the Way he was Leading the Country”

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Former Jammeh’s secretary to cabinet Noah Touray revealed today at the commission of inquiry how easily Jammeh could remove who he wanted evoquing the case of Momodou Sabally. 

Mr. Touray said former president Jammeh has a free hand attitude in the way he was leading the country. “If he give your orders and you deny them, you will lose you job; perhaps that will be the lightest punishment.”

Noah Touray further revealed that former Secretary General Momodou Sabally  was removed from office for advising Jammeh to hold the awarding of contract for the construction of ferry sleep ways at Banjul, Barra and other seaports because he was not comfortable with the process.

“We were operating under an abnormal system. Jammeh exercise power with aggression,” Mr. Touray said.

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