Jammeh Regime Victims: Family Members Speak Out

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Family members of victims of the Yahya Jammeh government have come out to speak of their ordeal, as they are still recovering from the shock of what has happened to their loved ones.

At an event held yesterday in Kotu, a lot of family members narrated what happened to their loved ones, most of whom are deceased.

Under the hashtag #Gambiajusticemustprevail, the Committee for the Victims of Jammeh’s Atrocities, as the movement is called which organized the event, made the following demands, in the statement read out to the public:

The immediate arrest and detention of all Junglars and NIA agents implicated in the murder and disappearance of the sons and daughters of the beloved Gambia; the payment of reparations to the survivors and victims of April 10 & 11, 2000 and the families of the disappeared or presumed dead; to the reinvestigation of the paramilitary soldiers that opened fire at the students; an immediate identification and release of all the dead bodies or their remains to the families for proper burial and closure; an immediate freeze of the assets of Jammeh and his enablers; that no bail be granted to the implicated Junglars and NIA agents; and, the Government designates a liaison with the committee to facilitate prompt communication on all issues or investigations affecting the victims.

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