Jammeh’s Victims Want to Bring Ex-Dictator to Justice

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Victims of the regime of former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announced Saturday an “international campaign” to bring him to justice.

“In 2005, my mother received a call telling him that my father had disappeared”, tells a woman. The stories are linked together: an imam tortured, a victim of the false treatment against AIDS of the former dictator, girls of opponents disappeared, etc. Today, we all have only one goal: that Yahya Jammeh would eventually be brought to justice.

“A lot of us were fighting on our own, says Amadou Janneh, a former political prisoner. But this campaign will allows us to develop a common strategy. And that’s what will give us more power. »

For the legal matters strategy, the campaign for Yahya Jammeh to be brought to justice can count on the American lawyer Reed Brody. After nearly 20 years on the Habré case, he wants to help today with the Jammeh case: “the idea is that the cost for Equatorial Guinea to obstruct this struggle for justice is too high. When victims knocked on all the doors, to ECOWAS, to the African Union, to Senegal, then we’ll be able to create a consensus. And that Equatorial Guinea submits to this consensus. »

A job that requires a lot of patience, but it does not scare Nana – Jo Ndow, whose father disappeared in 2013: “already as soon as they told me”it’s impossible”, I stop talking. This defeatist attitude, not for me. I’m ready to wait 20 years, 30 years, until justice will be done. »

The campaign also expects a lot from the investigation in Switzerland against the former Minister of Interior Ousman Sonko, currently in detention.

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