Jimara: Police’s Peace talks Resolve Political Dispute

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Peace talks brokered by the top command of the Gambia Police Force in Jimara District have bore fruit after a successful dialogue and reconciliation meeting organised at the village of Bakadagi Daily Observer reported.

Last week, villagers in Bakadagi believed to be UDP supporters asked a long-time settler in the village to vacate for supporting another political party (GDC). They stoned at him and as well harassed his wife to vacate the village. They went further to give him a three-day ultimatum to leave the village.

The police spokesperson, Inspector Foday Conta, has confirmed that the matter has been resolved amicably. He said, when the report of the unfortunate incident reached the office of the Inspector General of Police, through the regional Police Commissioner, urgency was placed on the table to address the problem, and thus, he added that they dispatched a team comprising the commissioner of Operation, Landing Bojang to act quickly.

According to him, a platform for dialogue and reconciliation was immediately constituted and held a meeting to that effect. He said after lengthy discussions between the opposing sides, the villagers finally came to term and trashed out their differences and embraced each other to an extent of helping the GDC supporter to fix back his shop and continue his business activities.

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