Kafuta: Bushfire Destroyes Thousands of Cashew Acres

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Thousands of acres were destroyed on Friday and Saturday after a wild bushfire, which was accompanied by heavy winds ripped through individual cashew farms and Kafuta village main forest in the Kombo East District, West Coast region the daily observer reported.
The bushfire, for which the origin remained unknown, reportedly affected a number of individuals in the village as many in the past years were engaged in massive cashew planting in the area.

The unfortunate incident came at a time when many cashew farmers in the area are bracing up for a successful cashew season.
Hundreds of volunteers stormed the bush when the news spread in an attempt to thwart the blazing fire, but the accompanying heavy winds also made their efforts futile.

“The bushfire has destroyed my entire cashew farm. I worked so hard to create fire belts in and around my farm to prevent it from bushfire, but with the raging fire coupled with accompanying heavy winds, make our efforts futile.” says one afflicted farmer. 

As farmers in the area ushered in cashew season, the hopes of many in the area have now been shattered, with the latest development.

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