Killa Ace: My Wife Divorced me during the Struggle to End Dictatorship

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Top rapper Killa Ace today revealed he’d parted ways with his wife during his struggles in Senegal to end dictatorship in Gambia.

Killa fled the Gambia after being pursuit by former president Yahya Jammeh’s notorious secret agents following release of his Ku Boka Ce Geta G song – a track sound highly critical of the erstwhile Gambian leader.
Killa, the first Gambia musician to take the exiled former head of state head on, today disclosed he went through struggles in the early days of his one-year nine-month exile period in Senegal one of which included a divorce between he and his estranged wife.
The Ala Baye Soldier though maintains he remains in close touch with his ex-darling who’s understood to be mother of his daughter.
‘I went through a huge struggle in my musical fight to make sure dictatorship is a thing of the past in Gambia. And there -in Senegal – I lost my wife. In short we’re divorced,’ he tells radio Gambia’s DJ Senator.
Asked how he felt upon news of Jammeh defeat in the last December’s polls, Killa’s reply was epic but touching.
‘We had a barbecue after we had news of Jammeh’s defeat,’ he says, adding, ‘ news of his U-turn to reject the election, met me in Tanzania. I felt terrible at outside the club in Tanzania not that I was convinced Jammeh wasn’t going. Everyone knew he was going to go finally but because Gambia might go through a lot should he refuse to step down the easy way.’
Ace is planning on a comeback show at start of next month.


– Gambia News

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