KMC Premises Turns to Dumpsite, Mayor Colley is not Going to Run for a Third Term

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Mayor Yankuba Colley’s office at Kanifing Municipal Council premises in Kanifing was turned into a site of dumping waste and garbage on Saturday by a group of youth and women.

The incident occurred in the wake of a cleansing exercise, ‘Setsettal’, at the Serekunda market organised by a development-oriented group called GamSense, and some other women and youth empowerment groups.

One of the organisers has expressed disappointment of Kanifing municipality for not only failing to provide trucks to dump the rubbish to the dump site but failed to be present at the scene to join the thousands to do a work that should be done by the municipal council. Vendors also expressed his frustration at the KMC mayor COLLEY for failing to either provide funds, none of their staff or even provide trucks despite the advertisement was done one week ago as rubbish was piling up and useless Mayor failed to clean much more to dump what has been piled together.

The vendor Fabakary said Mayor Colley only came there in the morning and greet the people but the actual work took place after the rain and this is where direct sabotage of The government and the residents of the municipality despite daily payment of rates at the market took place . This angry man recalled that KMC mayor provided funds to hire more than 100 vehicles during the political impasse just to transport APRC supporters to high court n spent over half a million to satisfy his former boss Jammeh and why can’t he provide trucks to dump the wastes clean and pile in different places. Organisers said that’s why they decided to dump two trucks of rubbish in front of mayor’s office at KMC.

Later on, Yankuba Colley has announced that he will not run for a third term. He told a diaspora online radio on Saturday that he had made his decision not to run again in the upcoming Mayoral elections in The Gambia.

In a separate development,  some people were fighting so seriously that some were admitted to the hospital as some residents around the dump site refused the trucks full of rubbish to be dumped at Bakoteh which resulted in clashes between them.The intervention of paramilitary has brought calm. 

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