Koriteh to be Celebrated on Monday

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The month of Ramadan is expected to end this Sunday, June 25 in the Senegambia region. According to a statement from the Senegalese Association for the Promotion of Astronomy (Aspa).

The conjunction that corresponds to the exact moment when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, will be held on Saturday, June 24 at 02 pm 31mn 52s GMT.  This moment marks the end of a tour of the Moon around the Earth and the beginning of a new round.

On Saturday, June 24 It will be impossible to see the Crescent with the naked eye in Gambia, in Africa, in Europe and in Asia. The surface of the moon will be 0.88%, that in fact an extremely low Crescent requiring an astronomical instrument (telescope, binoculars,…) to be able to find it. The moon will set at 8 pm 13, 31 minutes after the sun setting at 7:42 pm Visibility map shows that the possibility of observation with the naked eye on the extent of the globe, concerns only a part of Latin America.

On Sunday, June 25: It will be possible to see the moon with the naked eye in Gambia. The area of visibility with the naked eye will cover all of the countries of Africa and the rest of the world. The moon will set at 9:13 pm and its illuminated surface will be 4.42%. She will be aged of 1 day 17h. This is because of the conjunction that occurred early on Saturday, June 24. Therefore Koriteh, Eid ul Fitr will be Celebrated on Monday 26. The government of the Gambia has declared Monday and Tuesday Koriteh Public Holidays.

IMPORTANT: The decisions of some countries not being in the area of visibility to celebrate the end of ramadan on Sunday, June 25 will be based on the astronomical calculation only. Information originating from these areas must not be associated with the naked eye observation of the Crescent Moon. We also recall that always look the first Crescent to the West, a little left over there where the sun sets.

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