Korka Jallow Kills Abdoulie Dabbi Bah Because of D30

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One Isatou Bah testifying before Justice Sainabou Wadda Cissa of the High Court in Banjul on 29 June 2017 as the 2nd prosecution witness in the criminal trial involving Mamadou Korka Jallow, has said that the accused killed her younger brother, Abdoulie Dabbi Bah (deceased) because of D30.

The sad event mentioned in the Point newspaper happened on September 16, 2016, at Old Yundum in the West Coast Region,  when Mamadou Korka Jallow caused the death of  Abdoulie Dabbi Bah by stabbing him with a knife. The witness, Isatou Bah, recalled that she had some strangers and in the evening she went to accompany them after their visit. She said as they arrived at the highway, she found the accused and the victim fighting and she was almost knocked by a motor vehicle whilst she was crossing the road to separate them.

The witness explained that she separated them and as she enquired what had transpired, she was informed that they had brawl because of second-hand clothes worth D30 sold to the deceased on credit. The witness further explained that she paid the money to the accused and the driver of the vehicle that almost knocked her also paid D30 to the accused and they left.

 Isatou Bah revealed that some moments later, her younger brother’s apprentice came to her and informed her that the accused person had stabbed her younger brother. The 2nd witness said she rushed to the scene and upon her arrival, she was informed that her younger brother was taken to Old Yundum Police Station.

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