Laady Quincy Fyah Quits Music to go “Serve Allah”

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The reggae/dancehall star, whose real name is Lady Quincy K Prince better known by her moniker-Laady Quincy Fyah has announced a few minutes ago via her Facebook page that she gives up music.

Laady Quincy Fyah the dancehall artist with amazing lyrics has now decided to stop and embark on a journey to serve Allah, the message she posted on facebook on currently highly commented and shared. The 23-year-old artist says her choice is motivated by the fact Serigne Touba, the famous Senegambia’s spiritual guide has touched her heart.

” I’m saying goodbye to everything that has to do with music as from today I have found my purpose of living which is to serve Allah in a few days I’ll say goodbye to this Facebook and embark on a different journey I choose to serve Allah and not seek Worldly benefits anymore but that of Allah .I say sorry to anyone I must have hurt or will hurt with this may you all forgive me but I don’t know when is my time to leave this earth so I wish to complete my task before my creator takes me the name lady Quincy for ever stays with you but my career I’ve killed today .I wish to continue my Islamic education n extend my learning skills I will miss me fans but my believe is bigger than what music would give me good luck to all of you artist and may Allah also light your way thanks to serigne touba for touching my heart and showing me the way Allah is one ” 

Born in The Gambia in 1994, Alexandre K. Prince, popularly known as Laady Quincy Fyah started her music career in 2013 and released her debut single titled ‘Mi Nah Fraid Ah Dem’ followed by a second single entitled ‘Gomatuma Dara’.

Some of her popularly songs are ‘Outta Road’, ‘Love for Africa’, ‘Gambian Party’, ‘Mystery’ and ‘Nuh Negotiate’. As of April 2016, she was working on an album called ‘Love for Africa’. She was featured on a number of songs and has worked with different studios such as Golden Touch, ShyBoy Productions, Stylzz Records, Wadnow, Green Orange Production (CeeDollar) and Mandela records and recently she released a hit Sama Yeuf wishes her good luck in her new path! 

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