Lamin Kaba Bajo: “Gambian football enters a phase of reconstruction”

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Gambian football is in a rebuilding phase after troubled periods marked by the implementation of standards committees, the president of the football Federation, Lamin Kaba Bajo said.

“We found a bad policy of development, and had to start from the bottom to build something that will last”, Mr Bajo explained to the Senegalese press agency

Suspended for two years by FIFA, in 2013, for fraudulent use of players in the youth categories, the Gambia football association (GFA) had been dissolved and replaced by a standards Committee. This one had implemented new texts and allowed the election of a president in September 2014.

«Our Office began to rebuild the base, it is difficult, but we have no choice if we want to move forward “, argued the president of GFA.»

«And we are on the right path because, during CAN U20 2017, the Gambia has been taken out in the last round by Guinea, we finished 3rd “, recalled president Bajo.»

“With the funds allocated by FIFA and the decision of the chain Skysports to fund competitions in our area, there is hope”, he said, welcoming the good results achieved by Guinea and Senegal during CAN U20 2017. ”

“By organizing more competitions in our area, we can get to the level of the best”, said president Bajo.

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