Lawmakers Nomination: Barrow Expresses Confidence in their Abilities to Cross Party Boundaries

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President Adama Barrow of the Gambia has expressed confidence in the ability of the five nominated National Assembly Members to influence change and help rebuild the country based on strong institutions and legal environment.

Mr. Barrow said his decision to nominate Mariam Jack-Denton, Majanko Samusa, Ndey Yassin Secka–Sallah, Kumba Jaiteh
and Momodou Sanneh was influenced by their independence, experience in politics and active social engagement.

He said Mrs. Jack-Denton, who has since been elected speaker of the house, is a renowned lawyer who could ensure that there is institutional accountability in building a strong foundation for the Gambia to sustain its democracy.

“It is expected that her ability to cross party boundaries in her interactions with her colleagues will further our common agenda to enhance efficiency of the Assembly,” he added.

He expressed the belief that Gambian National Assembly members will demonstrate maturity, respect for each other as well as focus on the agenda to build a strong foundation for future governments to build on.

According to the president, this will give citizens the liberty to enjoy their freedom with dignity and within the rule of law.


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