Less Than 100 Soldiers Deserters, 4 Mutineers, Several Others Still Hiding

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CDS Kinteh has said less than 100 of his men have deserted the army,  at least four soldiers have been arrested for mutiny and several others went into hiding according to military records cited by smbc news.

A report leaked intelligence report indicated that at least 300 Gambian soldiers loyal to ex-President Yahya Jammeh are plotting to attack the country. Kinteh added the army is assessing details of all deserters and threats they pose to the country. 

Gambia’s army is not ruling out that Jammeh might have possibly recruited soldiers into the army as ghost members. Analyst fear that some of the purported 300 men may include mercenary fighters from some other West African nations.

The army is not taking the threats lights and internal changes have been made to help face the emerging challenges.

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