What Lies Behind Yahya Jammeh’s Secret Mining Center Discovery?

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A GRTS crew touring the country have discovered what many  have suspected for a longtime : a secret mining center located few kilometers from Basse about 370 kilometers from Banjul. The villagers have confirmed that Jammeh has been operating this mine believed to have been excavating mineral stones under heavy security.

According to reports broadcast from GRTS, the villagers are not sure what type of minerals are produced but have confirmed that red, green and white precious stones were put in sealed cartons and transported mostly overnight to Banjul with only a few trusted aides of the ex-ruler given access to the resource. The villagers of Badally in Basse believed that the area used to be bustling with activities , a handful of locals and some foreign nationals were employed to work inside while villagers were denied access to the site for years. The field has been operated in the region since 2010.
However, the country’s Department of Geology could not ascertain what sort of mineral is mined at this reported facility. Mining activities are not part of the country’s budget and revenue statements, and it is excluded in all government. Jammeh had forcefully taken over mining companies and mine fields in several parts of the country, turning them into his personal property.

Gambia’s Parliament was told last month that less than $4 million was deposited into the country’s mining account at the Central with tens of millions in revenue unaccounted for.

Among the minerals mined in Gambia is : gold, tin, titanium, laterite, and quartz sand  So far not many gold reserves have been found, it says, but the country has a lot of potential in view of the fact that not much commercial gold exploration has been done in the country.


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