Mamudou Sissohore Stabs his Wife to Death After Learning their Child was not His

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A Gambian man, Mamudou Sissohore, that was leaving in Spain has been sentenced to ten years by the High Court in the city of Basse Smbc News reported.

Sissohore, 26, was found guilty of manslaughter after Justice Simeon Abi ruled that the circumstances led to him stabbing his wife. Sissohore had left the European nation to spend time with his wife, Jarrie Demba in the eastern Gambia town of Nyamanar. According to court documents, Sissohore learned that the child he thought had with Demba was not his. Demba confirmed to her husband that the child was not his when she was confronted by Sissohore.

“In the heat of the moment, he [Sissohore] stabbed her [Demba] with a knife,” an affidavit contained. Sissohore also stabbed himself in an apparent attempt at suicide but failed.

Justice Abi said the circumstances leading to the incident have promoted him to relegate the murder charges to manslaughter and exercise mercy on Sissohore. Sissohore had been living in Spain for 12 years before returning to the Gambia, where he got arrested when he was barely 23 in 2014.

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