Mansour Jallow Caught with Six Nylons of Cocaine at Senegambia.

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Mr. Jallow is charged for being allegedly found in possession of 400mg of cocaine a prohibited drug on the 30th of October 2016 at Senegambia and is facing an alleged drug possession trial before a Bundung Court.

During cross-examination, Mr. Gassama a witness told the court that Mr. Jallow was found at the garage where he was arrested and taken to the police station, adding that he (Mr. Jallow) immediately threw away the suspected cocaine before narcotic officers reached him. He also said Mr. Jallow was alone when he was arrested.
“The suspected drug was checked at the spot and confirmed to be cocaine at the station. There were six nylons with each of them containing suspected cocaine. Mansour pulled out the substance that he threw on the ground from the pocket if his ash-colored jogging trouser,” Mr. Gassama said.
But Mr. Jallow told the witness that he was not wearing a jogging trouser and in fact, he does not have any ash-colored trouser. The matter is adjourned to 20th June

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